Prominent St. Louis Philatelist

Saint Louis has a rich history in the Philatelic Community, below are some of the prominent philatelists that have ties to St. Louis or the St. Louis Region,

Dr. Elizabeth Jane Nettles

Dr. Elizabeth (Betty) Jane Nettles September 3, 1933 – April 11, 2014Saint Louis, Missouri Dr. Elizabeth Jane Nettles, known to everyone as “Betty,” was a prominent St. Louis psychologist and psychotherapist and internationally known philatelist. Betty began to collect stamps at age eight while recovering from polio. She attended the College of William & Mary […]

David Lee Straight

David Lee Straight May 31, 1955 – October 16, 2012 Saint Louis, Missouri In a short life, David L. Straight accomplished more in philately than many do in a many decades-long career. David was a prolific writer and researcher. He published more than 250 articles ranging from pneumatic mail, to the history of the Registered […]

Charles Haviland Mekeel

Charles Haviland Mekeel December 1, 1861 – October 13, 1921Saint Louis, Missouri Mekeel was one of America’s greatest stamp dealers and editors. He became a dealer in 1877 and continued for the rest of his life. His editing began in 1881 with The Stamp Collectors’ Bureau (later called The Collectors’ Bureau). In 1885 Mekeel published Philatelic Journal of America, […]

John Kerr Tiffany

John Kerr Tiffany February 9, 1842 – March 3, 1897Saint Louis, Missouri Tiffany was America’s most prominent philatelist of the 19th century. He began collecting as a student in France in the late 1850s, continuing for the rest of his life. In the 1860s he decided to begin collecting “every printed matter connected to the […]

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