Youth Collectors

Getting started:

There are no age restrictions on Stamp Collecting! You can become a philatelist (a fancy name for a stamp collector) and start collecting stamps regardless of your age. If you have a fascination for a certain subject, country, animal, or character, you start building your stamp collection around your interest. Stamps can also teach you about history and geography because they represent people and places around the world. To explore the world of stamp collecting and learn more about it, you can visit the library, your post office, a stamp show or attend a stamp club meeting to help get you started. Other collectors are always a great source of help and information.

RULE # 1: There are no rules. Collect what you like. It’s your collection and can be anything you want!
RULE # 2: Have fun!!
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What you need:
  1. Stamps
  2. Curiosity
  3. Time

Ideas for your topical collection

These are only ideas, you should pick a topic that YOU are interested in! Dinosaurs, Ballet, Scouting, Dolphins, Sports, Accordions or even CUPCAKES!

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Endangered Wildlife



Mickey Mouse

Toy Story


Again . . .


Additional resources to get you started:
Guide to Stamp Collecting

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