Stamp Collecting is a Hobby for Everyone!

Few hobbies match the flexibility of stamp collecting. It is suitable for nearly all ages. You can collect stamps all 12 months of the year regardless of the climate where you are located. It does not require any special skills or great wealth. Some individuals begin as young as age 4 and continue for their entire life.

William H. Gross Stamp Gallery at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum produced this video about stamp collectors, including youth, talking about what and why they collect postage stamps.
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What to collect?

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Where to get stamps?

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Basic tools you will need to start

Stamp Identification

US (1847-2019)
Canada (1854-2010)


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Sites where you can get Free Downloadable Album Pages

How to Hinge Stamps

How to properly attach your stamp to your album pages

Soaking Gummed Stamps

How to soak gummed stamps off of paper (US stamps up to 1994)

Stamp Collecting
Merit Badge book
Removing Adhesive Stamps

How to remove self adhesive stamps off of paper (US stamps after 1994)

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