Add a Location


  1. Login and Admin/Officer
  2. Location Name (Title)
  3. Street (Address)
  4. City (City/Town)
  5. State (State/County)
  6. Zip Code (Postcode)
  7. OPTIONAL: Image of the Venue (Featured Image)


  1. From the Dashboard navigate to EVENT->LOCATION
  2. Click on “ADD LOCATION” button
  3. Type the Name of the venue in the Title Field
  4. Scroll down to the Address Section
  5. Enter the Street address in the “Address” field
  6. Enter the City name in the “City/Town” field
  7. Enter the State in the “State/County” field
  8. Enter the Zip Code in the “Postcode” field
  9. Optionally you can upload and add an image of the venue as the “Featured Image”, generally there is not an image added
  10. Click on the “Publish” button
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