ATA: 2023 My One-Page Exhibit

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If you weren’t aware the ATA has for the past 2 years held a One-Page online exhibit event.

I submitted my article previously published in the Perf-Dispatch into the event.

The ATA had 215 exhibits this year celebrating history, culture, nature, science, technology and more.

Please be sure to explore the exhibits by going to and sharing this site with others.

Maybe next year more of the GMCSC Members will participate!

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One thought on “ATA: 2023 My One-Page Exhibit

  1. FDC’s collecting has enhanced my appreciation of stamp collecting. I concentrate now on FDC’s and the beautiful cachets on the envelopes. I have many FDC’s that are older with interesting stories to tell, the older the better. I love the history behind each specimen and on occasion intrigued by the unexpected actual letter or correspondence found in the the envelope. Of special interest to me are letters from Servicemen writing home to loved ones from their duty station with a cachet of their ship or area where they are serving. Some are sad to read when it’s discovered that the letter was written just prior to a ship being attacked or sunk in a battle or their location being engaged in battle. It makes one wonder it the individual survived the battle and I can imagine loved ones reading the letters and discovering later that their loved one may have been killed or wounded after the letter was received. As a retired serviceman I can relate to some letters, it conjures up memories of foreign places I have served and the pleasant and exciting recollection of hearing the words “Mail Call” and the exhilarating feeling of getting a letter from home. There is something to be said about reading a letter that was hand written by a loved one. You get a feeling of connection to that individual that you don’t get from an email. The individual may be long gone but a part of that person still exist in their letters, in their hand writing and the fact that they actually held the letter and envelope in their hands. On occasion I still dig out some letters I received and kept from years passed and take a trip down memory lane. Some of the letters are from individuals that have long passed but reading them brings them back to life for just a few precious moments along with a smile or a tear.
    The Chief

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