Saint Louis Stamp Expo – Event Covers

Each year of the St Louis Stamp Expo (EXPO) there has been a special event cover and cancel created. Since 1993, there have only been three artists to have created the cachet for EXPO. The first cover in 1993 was created by Mark Muhleson who was a co-worker of Larry Weisz at the Defense Mapping Agency in St. Louis. In 1994, the cover was created by Penney Kols, the wife of the Executive Director, David Kols. There was no EXPO in 1995 as St. Louis was hosting the APS National Convention.

Since 1995, each EXPO Event cover has been created by Architect and Graphic Artist, Thomas A. Minor. Minor is an active member and former President of both the Greater St. Louis Stamp Club and Greater Mound City Stamp Clubs. Minor is also an active member and officer of the Webster Groves Stamp Club and Poster Stamp Collectors Club,

Event Covers by Year

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