Tip of the Month: Searching the Member Directory

Have you ever wondered who could help you or had a similar interest?  Using the club website can help. 
Here is how to do it:

Logon to the GMCSC site.  https://greatermoundcity.org/login/
Scroll down until you see the “Member Search” widget on the left side of your screen.  
Type in what you are looking for. Examples: Roses, German, Verna Mann,  Covers, Exhibitor, Cupcakes, Accordion
It might take a little bit but you will get back a screen with Club Members that share that interest.  
To contact that member click on the DOWN ARROW highlighted in yellow.  
Then click on the email address (yellow highlight) and it will open your email tool to send the member an email where you can begin corresponding.  

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order for this to work well everyone needs to update and maintain their profile on the website.  If you need the instructions for maintaining your profile email Pat Morgan at webmaster@greatermoundcity.org

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