Deactivate “Former” Member from Directory?

When the member fails to renew their membership, “Deactivate the Account” rather than delete the account. The reason that we do not delete former members is so that if they renew their membership late, they can easily be “reactivated.”


  1. Login as an officer
  2. know the name of the person to deactivate.


  1. Login as an officer
  2. Search to the Directory: Member Only Resources -> Directory
  3. Search for the member you want to deactivate (Figure 1. e.g., “Dan Lindsay”)
  4. Click on the members cover image (do NOT click on the “Edit Profile” button)
  5. Locate the Settings Icon (Figure 2.)
  6. Click “Deactivate this account.”
  7. Note the account is now Inactive (Figure 3.)
Figure 1. Locate the Former Member

Figure 2. Deactivate this account.

Figure 3. Confirmation of the Inactivation.
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