Delete Bogus Member from Directory?

When a bogus member creates a profile and never pays the Directory entry must be deleted! The reason that we want these deleted as they have never been a member and none of the data is valid or useful. DELETE AWAY!!


  1. Login as an officer
  2. know the name of the bogus person to delete.


  1. Login as an officer
  2. Search to the Directory: Member Only Resources -> Directory
  3. Search for the bogus person you want to delete (Figure 1. e.g., “Delete Me”)
  4. Click on the persons cover image (do NOT click on the “Edit Profile” button)
  5. Locate the Settings Icon (Figure 2.)
  6. Click “Delete this user.”
  7. Confirm the deletion
  8. After the user is deleted, you will be returned to your own profile.
Figure 1. Locate the bogus person

Figure 2. Delete this user.
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