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  • Did you Know? (July 2024)
    The 15 cent Z grill, Scott #85F, hammered down last month at a Siegel auction for $2.65 million, $1.05 million less than the 1 cent Z grill, Scott #85A There are only two of these to exists, but unlike the 1 cent Z grill, both #85F are available to the public. One stamp makes a million-dollar difference!
  • Did you Know? (June 2024)
    Do you know? The country that has issued the fewest stamps is the Ionian Islands. They issued a grand total of 3 stamps in 1859. They were then swallowed up by (ceded to) Greece in 1864 and the stamps were no more.

    Did anyone figure out the answer to last month’s did you know? The answer is bundle or bundleware.
  • Did you Know? (Apr 2024)
    In 1893, France issued its first stamps for a single French colony, Obock, with scenes that reflected the colony.
  • Did you Know? (Mar 2024)
    The first postage stamps issued in St. Louis with a first day of issue ceremony were the Louisiane Purchase Exposition Issue (Scott #323-327) on 30 April 1904.
  • Did you Know? (Feb 2024)
    Gary “Geddy” Lee, the lead singer for the rock group Rush, is an avid lifelong stamp collector.
  • Did you Know? (Jan 2024)
    Postal rates are going up again this month. A first class 1oz letter up 2 cents to 68 cents, post cards up 2 cents to 53 cents, but the additional oz rate will again stay pat at 24 cents. At least something didn’t go up!
  • Did you Know? (Nov. 2023)
    RW13a, bright rose pink color error, turned out to not be an error at all, but a chemically altered changeling. After several decades and thousands of dollars changing hands, modern technology was finally able to prove that this error never existed. The listing was removed from the Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers in 2016.
  • Did you Know? (Oct. 2023)
    A French collector coined the term philately, but the word actually comes from the Greek ‘philo’ lover or fond of ‘ateleia’ free of payment or tax. Philotely is actually the more correct rendering.
  • Did you Know? (Sep. 2023)
    The “First Day of Issue” cancellation, that we all know today, was first used in 1937. The stamp that received it was the Ordinance of 1787 Sesquicentennial issue.
  • Did you Know? (Aug. 2023)
    The first country to issue postage due stamps was France in 1859. One of the reasons was to keep postmasters and letter carriers from cheating the public with fraudulent charges for extra postage due.
  • Did you Know? (July 2023)
    The Scott Catalog for US stamps does not use numbers 520-522. This is because those numbers first listed the first three airmail stamps, which are today C1-C3 before airmail stamps received the “C” as part of their number and their own section in the catalog. The editors never went back and reused these numbers after the move. Oops?
  • Did you Know? (June 2023)
    The APS Summer Seminar in Philately first began in 1980. Contrary to the belief of some, it never was actually named Stamp Camp. However, in 1990 the term Stamp Camp first appeared in The American Philatelists. This lasted until 1994 after which the named just stopped being used. The name still lingers today as many still refer to Summer Seminar as Stamp Camp.
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