Roles/Responsibilities: Stamp Club Custodian

There are no specific instructions as to how the stamps are organized or maintained.   The Stamp Club Custodian (Custodian) is free to organize and maintain the stamps as they desire.

  1. General Duties:
    • Organize as you see fit.
    • Incorporate any newly donated stamps.
    • Store the stamps and covers so that they are not damaged.
    • Collect funds from sales and maintain the balance in Club Stamp Cash Box.
    • Ensure proceeds are provided to the Club Treasurer each month, if any.

  2. StampFest:
    • Friday night during Setup:
      • Bring all the stamps, covers, and signage and set up the Club Stamp Sale booth.
      • Set out the Beginner collector’s stamps and activities.
    • Saturday morning: Provide the cash box to the Registration desk for them to collect sale funds during the show.
    • Saturday and Sunday: Clean up the areas when they get disorganized to make the area useable for the collectors.
    • Sunday after the show closes: Collect the cash box from the registration desk.  Pack up all the items and haul them back home.
    • After the show and no later than the next club meeting balance the cash box to $10, count the proceeds, and provide the funds to the club treasurer.

  3. Optional Tasks:
    • Bring in a “small” amount of the stamps each month for the members to look at and purchase.  Note: most of our members are not all that interested in these, but someone might still want to look on occasion.
    • Let other members know that if they have excess stock, they would like to donate to let you know.
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