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Operational Documents are documents that are used to execute the operations on the club on a regular basis.

Monthly Club Auction Lot List

This data is updated the Thursday prior to the monthly club meeting Jan-Oct. It will be out of date following each meeting until the new data is updated.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Auction Chairs, David Mahsman or Richard Thies

Please print out and bring an auction sheet with each of your items – > Club Meeting Auction Sheets

1N/AN/AWhite Ace Allsyte Standard United Nations Cover Album???$1.00
2N/AN/AWhite Ace Allsyte Standard United Nations Cover Album???$1.00
3N/AN/AWhite Ace Allsyte Standard Cover Album???$1.00
4Great Britain offices in the Turkish Empire141906, 2 Piastres overprint on 5p. Used.$3.00$1.25
5Canada35, 290, 322, 609, 848, 1000, 1005, 1006, C6, O21, O23Used???$5.00
7United StatesO85Used$5.00$1.00
8United StatesO124Official Stamp$2.00$0.50
9PolandN/A570 different used stamps of Poland, most from 1940s to 1990s, plus bonus duplicates???$2.00
10United StatesN/ABox of 15 US philatelic books, including eight different issues of Planty’s Photo Encyclopedia of Cacheted FDCs from the 1920s and 1930s.N/A$5.00
11Vatican City242a, 239-242Souvenir sheet and stamps, mint, issued June 19, 1958, for Brussels World’s Fair.$24.00$3.00
12NetherlandsN/A234 different used stamps of the Netherlands, most from the 1950s to 1970s, plus bonus duplilcates???$2.00
13Denmark472-475Ships – 1970 – mint$2.10$0.50
14Greece864, 866
972-973, 975, 977
Arts – 1966 – mint
Hercules – 1970 – mint
Christmas – 1970 – mint
15Italy1016, 1018, 1024, E34Various – mint$1.00$0.25
Mosselle – 1948 – mint
River port – 1967 – mint
Europa – 1969 – mint
Pacqueflower – 1970 – mint
Goldcrest – 1970 – mint
17United StatesRW581991 Migratory Hunting Stamp – MNH$30.00$8.00
18United StatesRW591992 Migratory Hunting Stamp – MNH$30.00$8.00
19United StatesRW621995 Migratory Hunting Stamp – MNH$32.50$8.00
20United States4965c Blue Washington, Perf 10 Vert Coil, MLH 3.25$1.00