Saint Louis Stamp Expo – Auctions

St Louis Stamp Expo (EXPO) Show was the host for Regency-Superior Stamp Auctions from 1993 – 2016.

In 1990, David Kols started Regency Stamps, then in 1992 he purchased Superior Galleries of Beverly Hills established in 1929 to form Regency-Superior Auctions. Regency-Superior was one of the nation’s leading Auctioneers specializing in the sale of classic postage Stamps, Coins, Sports and Space Memorabilia. Regency-Superior operated out of two locations, Beverly Hills and the Central West End of St. Louis.

Regency-Superior held some 125 auctions, selling almost $150 million worth of material during its time in business from 1990-2017.

Wayne L. Youngblood was the VP Consignor Relations for Regency-Superior wrote many excellent introductions in the Auction Catalogs about the Saint Louis Expo highlighting the theme and related information about Saint Louis. Wayne remains an active philatelist and owner of WY Stamps.

Auction Catalogs by Year


Stampshow ’95
2014 Regency Superior St Louis Expo Auction #104
2015 Regency Superior St Louis Expo Auction #110
2016 Regency Superior St Louis Expo Auction #117

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