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The PERF-DISPATCH is the official newsletter of the Greater Mound City Stamp Club. The Perf-Dispatch is published monthly (excluding Dec.) and is exclusively for Club Members.

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Member Directory

The GMCSC MEMBER DIRECTORY provides the ability to contact and to locate other members with similar or unique interest in order to share and learn.

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Philatelic Library

The GMCSC Philatelic Library is filled with 400+ titles for you as a member to check-out at no charge.

Member Presentations

The GMCSC members are full of knowledge which they regularly share. Member Presentations are prepared so that our varied interests can be shared and enjoyed.

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Member Recognition

The GMCSC Members are frequently recognized for Philatelic Exhibiting, Expertise or for a Specialized Area of Collecting. Check out our Club Members that have been recognized.

Club Recognition

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